Task Force Update

March 12, 2021

Awaken Network will try to do our best to bring you timely updates from the Task Force that was created to investigate the treatment of women in ministry in the Brethren in Christ Church U.S.. With that being said here is the latest update:

The Brethren in Christ U.S. has commissioned this independent task force to explore and address issues of injustice related to women in ministry with a focus on hiring practices, abuse of power, and accountability of leaders as they relate to the Brethren in Christ denomination. If you have things to share or questions to ask, we invite you to confidentially contact us:

Awaken Network encourages you to use this email address so that you can share (confidentially) regarding any experiences you may have had. Lastly, may we all be in prayer for this team, our sisters in Christ who are in ministry and the results of this Taskforce.