Faith, French Fries and Fake Ice Skating

June 11, 2019

My ministry life is far from boring and covers a diverse spectrum from the homeless, to church planting, to teaching GED students and more. One of my favorite aspects of ministry though is the opportunity I get to hang out with kids from our community center.

I was struck by the fact how God can use the little things in life …

In early December I was able to take four young people to a city Christmas event. All four come from very broken and tumultuous homes and would never get to attend events like these without someone outside their families taking them. For instance, one young boy, who is one of four kids in a family plagued by poverty, alcohol/drug abuse and violence. His father was murdered in a domestic/violence-type incident and so he has struggled with that, on top of his already dismal life. As we shared a giant plate of French fries from the food truck, he was full of laughter and quipped how this was the only fun he has had since his dad’s passing.

Enjoying Christmas

The others, likewise, have had their fair share of trials in their short lives with a  mom who struggles with drug addiction and has been in and out of jail their whole lives. Before Christmas, she was shot in a gang related shooting where she survived, but that took the life of another woman I knew. On the day of the event though, as they mastered ice skating, well synthetic plastic ice skating (we live in a sunny environment, after all), I watched in amazement as their anxieties and stress eased into laughter and joy if only for a few moments.

As we gathered in my apartment for hot cocoa and warmth after the event, I was able to share with them the real reason for the season and how Jesus was born to become our salvation. They asked a lot of questions and I was able to pray with them before reluctantly taking them back to their homes and their lives.

I was struck by the fact, as I often am, at how it’s the little things in life like French fries and ice skating that God can use to strengthen not only my faith, but the faith of four lives, who for at least one day got to be the children they are!